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Bicycle Accident Cases Can Involve Legal Issues That Are Very Different
From The Typical Auto Or Truck Accident.

utah-bicycle-accident-attorney-david-laurence-altman-st-george-bicycle-accident-lawyer3Today more and more individuals ride their bicycles daily. Bicycles have always been popular as a form of weekend exercise or leisure, but have now also become major form of transportation for many persons in both their personal and professional lives.  Unfortunately, bicycle accidents happen every day and the consequence of bicycle accident can be devastating.

Many bicycle accidents involve serious or catastrophic bodily injuries because bicycles, unlike automobiles or trucks, have no built in roll cages, airbags, seatbelts or other forms of internal safety devices to minimize injuries. When a cyclist is struck by a motor vehicle or suddenly encounters an unseen road hazard, the cyclist’s fate is usually hard contact with the ground or other vehicle. In any collision between a bicycle and another object, the cyclist invariably suffers the most severe injuries.

The NHTSA reports over 50,000.00 bicycle accidents each year. Of that number, in 2011, 677 of those accidents resulted in cyclist fatalities and bicycle accident deaths annually account for over 2% of all accident related fatal injuries. In fact, these numbers do not provide a true picture of the frequency of bicycle accidents, as many bicycle accidents go unreported.

The vast majority of collisions between cyclists and motorized vehicles are caused by the negligence of the auto or truck driver.  Bicycles present a smaller profile than motorized vehicles and are often obscured by other traffic conditions. The number one cause of accidents between cars or trucks and bicycles is that the driver of the car or truck did not see the cyclist until the accident was unavoidable.

Although injured cyclists injured are entitled to the same compensation for medical bills, future medical expenses, loss of earnings, diminished earnings capacity, pain and suffering and vehicle damage as any other accident victim, bicycle accident cases can involve legal issues that are very different from the typical auto or truck accident. Specific state or local laws may regulate when and where bicycle traffic is permitted and rules of the road for cyclists and motorized vehicles are not always identical.

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