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Boating has become an increasingly popular leisure activity wherever water is present. Today, there are in excess of 13,000,000 boats and recreational watercraft registered in the United States. Both California, with its thousands of miles of coastline and Utah, with its abundant access to lakes and rivers, provide virtually unlimited recreational activities for pleasure boating and water sports enthusiasts.

With the popularity of personal watercrafts such as jet skis and wave runners rising exponentially, the number of individuals participating in these “wet and wild” activities is growing by leaps and bounds every year.  As more and more people experience water related recreational activities there has been an inevitable increase in the number of accident related injuries and death due to careless, negligence and intoxication.  These accidents usually involve collisions with other boats, jet skiers, swimmers, water skiers, and other objects in the water as well as running aground.

The primary causes of recreational boating and watercraft accidents are:

1.    Operator Inexperience
2.    Operator Inattention and Improper Look Out
3.    Speeding
4.    Reckless Operation or Showboating
5.    Operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, aka
6.    “BUI” or “Boating Under the Influence.”
7.    Reckless Behavior by Passengers
8.    Falling on or off the boat or watercraft
9.    Equipment Failures
10.    Overloading

While there are many specific watercraft laws and requirements for ownership and operation, the general rules of negligence applicable to land vehicles applies to water vehicles.  Individuals who suffer watercraft related injuries are entitled to recover the same compensation for their injuries as their land based counterparts.

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