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 PREMISES LIABILITY refers to a general category of injury claims, the most common of which are slip and fall or trip and fall accidents.  However, premises liabilities accidents also include a wide variety of other claims occurring on the owner’s property, such as injuries resulting from exposure to toxic chemicals, dog bite attacks, blocked fire exits, exposed wiring, contact with unseen sharp or dangerous objects, falling objects, lack of adequate lighting, failures to warn of hazardous property conditions and failures to maintain appropriate security in high crime areas.

Utah law recognizes that many potentially dangerous property conditions can arise through no fault of the property owner. In those situations the negligence of the property owner does not arise because of the existence of the dangerous condition but rather because the property owner failed to take remedial measures within a reasonable period of time after the owner knew, or through the exercise of ordinary care, should have known of the dangerous or hazardous condition.

When dangerous conditions do occur, property owner have an affirmative duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition by repairing or removing the hazardous conditions or defects; when repairs or removal cannot immediately be effected, the property owner has a duty to post visible warning signs or secure the area by installing barriers or erecting brightly colored “keep out” or “danger” tape until the repairs or removals can be implemented.

Individuals injured in premises liability cases are entitled to be fully compensated for their medical expenses, loss of income, loss of future earnings capabilities, pain and suffering and any personal property losses.   

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