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best-utah-truck-accident-attorney-david-laurence-altman-st-george-truck-accident-lawyerAlthough the commercial trucking industry is highly regulated, trucking accidents happen every day. Drive on any highway and you will see daily evidence of shredded truck tires and other debris left behind by trucks that were unsafe for the road.

Because of the size and weight of commercial trucks, when those accidents occur, the injuries can be catastrophic and fatalities are not uncommon.

Trucking accidents occur for a variety of reasons; the most common factors are driver fatigue, driver inexperience, overloaded trucks, defective brakes and tires, improper maintenance and trucking companies that ignore training and safety regulations to maximize their profits.

Truck drivers are always concerned about losing their jobs if they cause an accident, so it is common practice for truck drivers to deny being at fault even when their negligence is obvious.

Attorney David Altman has been honored as one of the Best Attorneys of America and received the NAOPIA TOP TEN (10) award.  The National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys is an organization devoted to recognizing the top Personal Injury lawyers in the nation and less than 1% of the more than 1 million attorneys in the United States have received this prestigious award.

Our law firm handles all aspects of personal injury cases with our no recovery, no fee guarantee. Please contact the Law Offices of David Altman, a top Saint George personal injury law firm dedicated to helping truck and 18 wheeler truck accident victims and winning their cases for over thirty five (35) years in Utah and California.

If you have suffered a serious personal injury in St. George, Salt Lake City or anywhere else in Utah and are seeking aggressive, competent and superior legal representation, please call us for a free no obligation, confidential consultation at (435) 688-9999.

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